Frequently Asked Questions

The Application Process

What should one include in the Personal Statement?

Personal statements should be between 3-4 double-spaced pages. The statement should include your career goals, your background and experience that you believe makes you an excellent candidate, and how you believe your career goals are a good fit with our mission statement.

Are GRE scores required?

The Masters’ Degree program in Counselor Education does not require GRE scores, however if have taken the exam and feel they will enhance your application you are welcome to submit the scores with the rest of your materials.

Can I visit the UConn campus?

We encourage applicants who are not familiar with UConn's campus to schedule an in person or virtual tour. We're very proud of the beautiful Storrs campus and would love to meet anyone interested in our program.  Please reach out to the Counseling Faculty if you plan on coming to campus for a tour and schedule time to meet with us to talk about your interest in the program, and in the counseling field.

Who should I ask to write letters of recommendation?

You need to submit 3 letters of recommendation in your application to the Counselor Education program.  It is suggested you ask for letters from someone who can comment on your academic abilities (such as a professor, or academic advisor), or your work experiences (such as a supervisor or co-worker).  It is important that all of your letters be a reflection of your professionalism, maturity, and capabilities, and not merely your connections or affiliations.


How should the letters of recommendation be submitted?

During the application process, an applicant is asked to provide contact information for three recommenders. The recommenders submitting letters on your behalf should do so electronically through our application system. The recommenders will be sent an email with direction and log-in information on where they can upload letters of recommendation. Be sure to mark ‘Yes’ for the online submission question on the Provider Input Form.


How does the graduate student interview day work?

Applicants will be notified if they are invited for an interview in early January.  The interview day is usually an all day event, in which all qualified applicants meet with program faculty and current students.  The day begins with a presentation by the faculty about the program, applicants then are broken into small groups for the interview portion of the day, this is followed by a panel discussion of current graduate students. The day concludes with the group coming together and faculty answering any questions that may applicants may have.

What if I am unable to attend interview day?

We strongly encourage all applicants to try and attend interview day, as you will meet with all the faculty and current graduate students.  If you are unable to attend the faculty will try their best to schedule a virtual interview.  Please note, that faculty will do their best to accommodate your schedule however we cannot guarantee that we can provide an individual interview.

Academic Questions

Can the Counselor Education program be completed part-time?

Yes, students can complete the Counselor Education program part-time.  If you are interested in completing the program part-time it is suggested you map out plan of study with one of the faculty members upon acceptance into the program.

Does the Counselor Education program have a comprehensive exam?

Yes, all students are required to take the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Exam (CPCE) in their final year of the program.

Paying for Graduate School

Are graduate assistantships available?

The Counselor Education program does not currently have graduate assistantships for students, however other University offices, centers, grants and projects do have assistantships that we encourage students to apply for.  Information about graduate assistantships can be found on the Graduate School's website. 

What additional fees are students responsible for?

We suggest you read the graduate school's website which covers tuition and fees.

In addition to the fees listed on the Graduate School's website, we suggest students budget for textbooks each semester, you can check the price of text books at UConn/Barns & Nobel online page. 

The other fee's you need to be prepare for:

  • ASCA student membership (for 2 years): $69 per year (required)
  • CSCA Membership (recommended, but not required)
  • CPCE Exam Fee (required, one time fee): Between $75 and $150
  • Task-Stream (required): $150 per yer
  • 068 Certification (required to work in public schools): $200 (initial certification fee)
  • National Counselor Exam (NCE) (recommended but not required): $275

If you require assistance with any of these fees please be in touch with your advisor in the program.

What scholarships & fellowships are available for students?

Additional Questions?

Please feel free to reach out to