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Practica and Internship

Students are expected to participate in both practicum and internship assignments. The practicum consists of 15 weeks within a public school setting for an average of 10–12 hours per week. In most cases, students complete their practica in school sites within Connecticut. However, students are allowed to complete their practica outside of Connecticut provided that the school site is within close enough proximity to the UConn Storrs campus that they will be able to attend an accompanying practicum group supervision course in-person at the UConn Storrs campus for the duration of the semester in which they are participating in the practicum.


For internship, students complete 10 months (190 days)/ 1200 hours (600 per semester) of full-time work within a public school setting as a school-counseling intern. Typically, a public school work–week is 32.5 hours. Throughout the internship period students are expected to document at least 360 hours devoted to direct service to students. Students who are certified teachers and have taught for a minimum of three years are only required to complete a one-semester 600-hour internship.

Dr. Rachelle Perusse is the Coordinator of all Counseling Program practicum and  internship matters. Responsibilities include: orienting program students to practicum and internship, i.e. completing sign-up forms, assistance with finding the best site for each student; coordinating all practicum and internship doctoral supervision and site supervision; and coordinating the School Counseling Connecticut State Certification application process with the Neag Office of Certification.

Any questions pertaining to Practicum or Internship, please contact Dr. Rachelle Perusse , or 860-486-0266.