Professional Counselor Licensing (LPC)

Information on obtaining your LPC in Connecticut

After completing UConn's Master's program in Counselor Education, students have some of the required coursework to pursue the LPC.

Please review the requirements listed on the state's Department of Public Health Website.


LPC Courses Fulfilled by UConn Counselor Education Program

The following content area courses are fulfilled by the program of study for UConn's Master's in Counselor Education.

LPC Content Requirement  UConn Course 
Human Growth & Development EPSY 5318 - Human Development Over the Lifespan
Social & Cultural Foundations EPSY 5316 - Cross Cultural Counseling
Counseling Theories EPSY 5308 - Counseling Theory & Practice
Counseling Techniques EPSY 5315 - Counseling Techniques
Group Counseling EPSY 5301 - Group Processes in Counseling
Appraisals or Tests and Measurements to Individuals and Groups EPSY 5314 - Appraisal Procedures in Counseling
Research & Evaluation EPSY 5601 - Principles and Methods in Educational Research

LPC Content Areas not Completed in Counseling Plan of Study

  1. Professional Orientation to Mental Health Counseling
  2. Addiction and Substance Abuse Counseling
  3. Trauma & Crisis Counseling
  4. Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders
  5. Practicum: a one-hundred-hour practicum in counseling taught by a faculty member licensed or certified as a professional counselor.
  6. Internship: a six-hundred-hour clinical mental health internship taught by a faculty member licensed or certified as a professional counselor.

LPC Testing Requirements

To obtain the LPC, students must successfully complete the National Counselor Exam for Licensure and Certification (NCE).  To obtain more information about this exam, please visit this website. 

UConn's Counselor Education program is approved to offer the NCE to 2nd year students prior to graduation.

LPC Post-Graduate Requirements

After completion of graduate studies, students need to acquire three thousand hours of postgraduate experience under professional supervision, including a minimum of one hundred hours of direct professional supervision, in the practice of professional counseling, performed over a period of not less than two years;

Contact information for Connecticut Department of Public Health

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Professional Counselor Licensure

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